6 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

In the last post I wrote about all the wonderful benefits of gratitude. In this post I’m going to show you 6 simple ways you can practice gratitude:

1. Write a daily gratitude journal. The key here is to be specific. 
In “Gratitude Works” Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, writes about how you should pick 1 thing a day you’re grateful for and write 5 sentences about it (5 reasons why). If you prefer another format, I highly recommend the five minute journal (also available as an app).

2. If journaling isn’t your thing, then train yourself to think grateful thoughts (“I’m incredibly grateful for this lovely meal.” “I really appreciate that stranger holding up the door for me” etc).

3. Express gratitude directly to others; say thank you more (and really mean it), thank the kind barista who made you that amazing cup of coffee, that realtor who helped me sell my house fast, call a friend who’s been there for you during tough times, write a thank you note and/or letter to a mentor, share your grateful thoughts with your family and show your appreciation with a gift or maybe a hug. There are really endless ways to express gratitude :)

4. Practice Mindfulness to appreciate and fully enjoy each precious moment.

5. When faced with a bad situation, or simply, a negative thought, try to view it from a point of gratitude; what positive traits are there to this situation? What lessons can be learned? How can I grow from this? Every cloud has a silver lining!

6. Meditate. Apart from all the gratitude benefits, there are numerous benefits to meditation as well. If you’re more comfortable with guided [gratitude] meditations then there are great apps you can download, such as Omvana.

I hope you found this useful! :)

Thanks for reading, I appreciate You with all my heart and I wish you health, happiness & healing 



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