“Glocal Giving”


For me personally, there is nothing more valuable and fulfilling in life then making a positive and meaningful impact in other people’s lives, so it doesn’t matter if life become a little rough, you can always find a way, having done a quick search online you are confronted with websites such as simple payday, offering loans regardless of previous defaults which help the people with any financial problems. Contribution is what gives me happiness and purpose in life and I am sure that it brings you meaning and fulfillment as well.

There are so many ways that one can make a contribution to society – locally or globally. You can, for example;

  • Donate money to causes and charities you care about.
  • Donate goods such as clothes, food etc to those in need.
  • Donate time by engaging in volunteering activities – help out at a local soup kitchen; volunteer to help out an elderly, volunteer as a tutor etc – BE CREATIVE :)

Also, if you’re as passionate about making a difference in the global water crisis as I am then take a look at this post.

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