How to Find & Do Work You Love

This weekend I was shocked to learn that the inspiring, vibrant and world-changing entrepreneur and legend Scott Dinsmore passed away in an accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Scott, creator of Live Your Legend, inspired tens of thousands of people to follow their hearts, live life to the fullest and do work they love.  His wonderful philosophy was that we could change the world by doing work that actually mattered to us. I couldn’t agree more.

An excerpt from LYL website:

”We all have dreams, passions and gifts that the world desperately needs. If we aren’t adding those to the world, we aren’t living our potential and we’ll never be fully fulfilled. Not to mention we’re short changing the rest of the world! But don’t worry, your legend doesn’t have to be some earth-shattering thing – it can be anything as long as it’s meaningful to you. Maybe it’s solving world hunger or simply using your talent to teach algebra to the child down the street. It isn’t about size or fame or recognition. It’s about putting a dent in the world that only you are capable of.

It’s about finding what makes you come alive. It’s about being free.”

Here’s Scott Dinsmore’s amazing TEDx talk — How to Find and Do Work You Love — that has reached nearly 3 million views:

Scott truly made his unique dent in this world. He transformed countless lives all over the globe with his LYL movement, he enjoyed life and he did work he loved. He lived his legend. Now, I encourage you all to do the same; live YOUR legend**. Live life to the fullest. Let’s change the world together by doing work that matters; work that makes us come alive.

**How to live your legend;


The world needs it.”
– Scott Dinsmore

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Also, here are some beautiful tributes to Scott by some of his friends Leo BabautaCorbett BarrJonathan Mead and Chase.






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